The Caribbean TIDE (Technology and Innovation for the Digital Economy) Conference 2015 is primarily about two very important things in this, its inaugural year – ‘Open Data’ and ‘Broadband’.


“This conference is being used as a catalyst for our own involvement in this phase in the rollout of the broadband strategy.” – Larry Howai – Ministry of Finance and the Economy. Mr. Howai was referring to the two Phases of the National Broadband Strategy (see more in smarTT – the National ICT Plan 2014-2018).

The first day hosted a number
of TIDE talks, in the tradition of TED talks. Accessibility to the internet is still elusive to so many persons – this fact was brought to light, in more than one of the TIDE talks that discussed broadband innovation, in the form of OneWeb and Outernet.

OneWeb provides satellite-powered low-latency terminals that emit LTE, 3G and WiFi providing high-speed internet access for everyone. According to their website, “This project is large and challenging. Collaboration is the key to its success. OneWeb is everyone’s network. It belongs to us all. And it needs all of us to take action.” That’s tweetable by the way. Click here to help OneWeb spread the word!

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