The Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) and iGovTT held a meeting for all IT Managers within governmental Ministries and the public sector. Discussions were held to give updates on the current work at iGovTT as well as the status of policies of administration and legislative matters concerning ICT from the MPA. The session consisted of two segments; the first being the formal greetings from iGovTT and the MPA, with a special presentation by Fujitsu and Symantec on their products in relation to those being utilised by the GoRTT, while the second segment consisted of iGovTT sharing the results of a 2014/15 ICT Survey, exploring the objectives of the Enterprise Software Administration exercise and the questionnaire for data capture to inform further development.

The meeting started with greetings, opening remarks and an address from, respectively, Sherry Ann Singh (Head, Corporate Communications, iGovTT), Trevor Libert (CEO, iGovTT) and Tracy Hackshaw (Deputy National Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Public Administration).

According to Tracy Hackshaw “Enterprise Assets should not be costing so much. While we are continuing with the Oracle/Symantec/Microsoft arrangement now, the market may reveal new or hybrid solutions in the near future.”
The feature presentation followed from Fujitsu and Symantec. Jean-Paul Dookie, Executive VP of Government Business at Fujitsu gave an overview of Fujitsu’s ‘Provision of Enterprise EndPoint Protection’ to GorTT. He introduced his colleague, and Systems Engineer at Symantec, Juan Carlos Castrellon who gave IT Managers a detailed presentation on the products that the company offered and in particular those that have been procured by the government for use in the public sector. Of particular interest was the current Enterprise Threat Level and the mechanics of Symantec’s Enterprise Security. Salvador Coliz Gomez then presented Symantec’s ‘Business Critical Services Premier’ solution.

Sherwin Ragoonanan (Head, Operations, iGovTT and Glen Wankin, Team Lead, Operations, iGovTT) briefed the IT Managers after a coffee break.

Over the past few months, iGovTT has executed surveys and assessments throughout GorTT to gain a clearer understanding of the state of ICT usage, in software and hardware. This is an ongoing exercise, as the Ministry of Public Administration is working to revise Service Level Agreements and Contracts for Enterprise Software on behalf of GorTT.

An IT Managers Working Session ensued where iGovTT’s ‘Consulting’ team discussed the survey and assessment needs going forward, making sure that IT Managers knew how they could encourage participation within their departments and offices.

Upon the conclusion of the meeting, plans were made to follow up on the surveys as the data capture will be actively pursued by the iGovTT Team.

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