iGovTT Chairman, Esther Le Gendre speaks with Microsoft T&T Country Manager, Frances Correira and Public Administration and Communications Minister, Maxie Cuffie at the signing ceremony for the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. The Ministry of Public Administration and Communications (MPAC), iGovTT and Microsoft signed a new three year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (MEA) to provide Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies with access to the Microsoft Office suite at a reduced cost. The new agreement includes a Microsoft Home Use Programme which will allow public officers to obtain the Microsoft Office suite at a onetime discounted price of USD 9.99, instead of the original cost of USD 399.99.

Under the new agreement the Microsoft prices will remain constant regardless of any increases in retail price by the company, thus resulting in significant cost savings by the Government. Our line Minister, Minister Cuffie emphasized, “this price freeze facility is a source of significant national cost savings as the last three year Microsoft Enterprise Agreement cost US$40 or TTD 272 million more than the current one. This saving could fund the full development programme of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development for a year.” The MEA will result in an annual savings of $25million a year for the duration of the agreement.

The agreement will permit 7,781 named users to install and use the Office software on five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five smartphones for use on their devices, with the Government’s administrative approval and oversight. Minister Cuffie noted that the Government plans to fully leverage the major information communication technology developments that are unfolding globally to deliver effective, end to end public services.

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