The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has appointed the following citizens to be the Board of Directors of iGovTT

Chairman Charles A. Carter

Charles A. Carter


Mr. Carter is a well-respected and well-known Telecommunications practitioner in Trinidad and Tobago. The majority of his career has been with the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited where he rose from Corporate Legal Officer to Executive Vice President, Legal, Regulatory, Carrier Services and also served as the Corporate Secretary.

Nazir Alladin


Nazir Alladin, with a notable career spanning over 25 years, has showcased expertise in management, customer service, and information technology. Holding an Executive MBA from Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, UWI, he currently excels as the Chief Information Officer at the University of the West Indies, orchestrating the development of campus IT infrastructure and business improvement processes. His tenure also includes significant leadership roles within the University’s Bursary, enriching its software and system management. Through his efforts, Mr. Alladin continues to be a pivotal figure in advancing the technological framework within the educational sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

Kelly-Anne Amin


Ms. Amin is an Attorney-at-Law and Senior Certified Human Resource Management professional. Her experiences span both the public and private sectors across Trinidad and Tobago and also regionally. She has specialized her experiences into guiding companies into exploring and adapting to Competency Based approaches to Human Resource Management. Her core strengths lie in recruitment and selection, policy development, and organizational design. She is currently serving as part of the project team charged with defining the organizational architecture of Ministry of Digital Transformation, amongst her other pursuits.

Director Hans Des Vignes

Hans Des Vignes


Mr. Des Vignes is a well-known, local media personality. He has served in multiple capacities in the field, as a presenter, as a promoter, and as a producer. He is an active entrepreneur and this has led him to pursue his MBA in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Mr. Des Vignes also previously served as a member of the Community Recovery Committee of Trinidad and Tobago appointed by the Prime Minister.

Director Chandrakali Maharaj

Chandrakali Maharaj


Ms. Maharaj has over thirty (30) years post qualification experience as an Attorney-at-Law in Trinidad and Tobago. She is also the holder of a Diploma in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law from the University of Strathclyde. Her experiences span all sectors, including finance, insurance, construction, energy, and telecommunications. She currently serves as the Corporate Secretary to Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Limited having previously served as the Legal Advisor to Massy Ltd for sixteen (16) years.

Jiselle Renaud-DeSilva


Ms Renaud-De Silva is a Chartered  Certified Accountant with over 15 years of audit and accounting experience in various industries. She is a  Fellow of the  Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) and a practising member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago (ICATT) where she currently serves as a member of the Small and Medium-Sized Practitioners’ Committee.

Director Dr. Nadine Sangster

Dr. Nadine Sangster


Dr. Nadine Sangster is a distinguished academic in the field of engineering at The University of Trinidad and Tobago, with over two decades of experience. Holding a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, she now leads the Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Entrepreneurship Unit at the university. Dr. Sangster has been instrumental in fostering university-industry collaborations, notably in manufacturing. Her contributions include the establishment of controls and automation laboratories and supervision of innovative student projects that bridge theoretical and practical knowledge. Her research is in the area of artificial intelligence.

Kurt G. Scotland


Mr. Scotland is a highly competent and skilled professional in the Procurement field. He has over sixteen (16) years proven expertise in Accounting, Audit, and Supply Chain Management. His experiences have seen him operate primarily in the oil and gas industry where he spent 3 years with the Neal and Massy Wood Group Ltd, and served as an independent contributor to number of international projects. He is currently operating as the Acting Senior Manager Supply Chain Management for the National Gas Company.

Kandyss Trancoso


Ms. Trancoso is a technically proficient, innovative, change leader in the ICT Sector. She has formed and/or led a number of tech startups with a view to driving technology and building and implementing solutions. She has had sound success in helping companies meet and exceed their bottom-line targets and increase their market presence. Her passions have led her to the world of Financial Technologies, and she established her Company The FinRoute Inc in January 2020 where she continues to hone her skills and develop her clients.

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