Business Consulting

iGovTT provides customer relationship account management services to all government ministries, departments and agencies throughout GoRTT through its Business Consulting unit. The Business Consulting unit provides clients with:

  • Sales presentations and business consultative support on ICT services including connectivity to GoRTT's wide area network (WAN)
  • Information on the national ICT Agenda
  • Information on pricing and products and services available for subscription through GoRTT and negotiated enterprise agreements
  • Dedicated account commitment to their ICT needs
  • Direct liaison and support during project/product life cycle to post implementation
As our client you also enjoy:
  • Cost savings
  • Ease of doing business within the GoRTT landscape
  • Partnering opportunities made to the public sector through iGovTT's vendors, partners and contacts
Benefits of iGovTT’s Project Management:
  • Efficiency in project delivery
  • Cost Control
  • Quality control
  • Risk Management

Programme Management Office

iGovTT’s Project Management Office, an arm of the Delivery Unit, manages and drives the execution of ICT related projects through a proven project management methodology. The Unit has successfully delivered projects such as:

  • SmarTT
  • GovNeTT Phase II
  • ttconnect portal
  • Symantec Security Audit
  • Wi-Fi on Buses

Data Centre Services

iGovTT has extensive experience in data centre administration and managed network operation centre services through its management of the Government wide area network (GovNeTT). We offer GoRTT clients physical secured connections with a security and storage centre located on-island.

Switching to GovNeTT means that our clients have:
  • 24/7 monitoring and support of the network
  • Quality management of alliance network partners to ensure SLA's maintained
  • Direct response to network technicians and problem-resolution
  • Core Service Redundancy (Email, Active Directory, Internet)
  • Network Reporting
  • Qualified staff addressing and resolving issues
  • Partnering opportunities which can mitigate against risks in deployment
  • Active Directory/Domain Services
  • Exchange Mail
  • Internet
  • Remote Access (VPN)
  • Data Centre Colocation
  • Messaging and Collaboration
  • Service Desk
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Domain Registration
  • Publishing of Application (WAN & Internet)
  • TOR development
  • RFP development
  • Vendor prequalification
  • Tender management
  • Contract preparation and negotiation

ICT Procurement Services

iGovTT's Procurement services enables GoRTT to negotiate as a collective body rather than on a case-by-case basis. This results in best pricing and high quality ICT goods and service acquisition.

Utilising our procurement services has many benefits as the e-government tendering approach to government procurement, presents a game-changing methodology from existing processes under Central Tenders Board as it:

  • Fosters knowledge repository - for present and future requests enabling trending and forecasts
  • Creates a level playing field (for new and existing vendors to co-exist)
  • Improves financial and ethical accountability (alignment with Procurement Bill)
  • Reduces 'negative stigma' of impropriety in the public sector in terms of bids and responses


Technical Consulting

The Technical Support team provides the following services to GoRTT stakeholders on behalf of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Software Installation
  • Provide desktop and enterprise software installation and configuration for GoRTT Agencies and Statutory Bodies that do not have resident IT expertise.
  • Vendor Products namely are as follows - Microsoft (e.g. Client Operating Systems, Client Applications, Developer Applications), Symantec (e.g. Client Applications, Enterprise Applications), Oracle (e.g. Client Applications, Developer Applications)
Technical Support
  • Provide Technical Support for GoRTT Agencies and Statutory Bodies that do not have resident IT expertise
  • Hardware upgrades for clients
  • Software upgrades for clients
  • Resolution of hardware and software issues including both client and server software
  • Installation, maintenance and troubleshoot the File Registry System
Service Management
  • Provide technical consultation, contract and project support to GoRTT agencies, iGovTT Business Development Office and iGovTT Contracts Management Office
  • Outsourcing to offer onsite Level 1 technical support services, inter alia, at GoRTT Agencies and Statutory Bodies that do not possess the inherent capabilities to routinely administer and control daily ICT operations
Approval of IS/IT Equipment and Specifications
  • Provide approvals for the procurement of computer hardware and software to GoRTT agencies on behalf of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.
Enterprise Agreement Administration

Provide Administration of Enterprise Agreement for GoRTT Agencies and Statutory Bodies as follows:

  • Manage client support requests from the Enterprise Agreements
  • Collaborate with stakeholders for provision of consultancy Services provided by Enterprise Agreements
  • Administer Enterprise Agreement benefits such as vendor subscriptions; online learning; Home Use Program; Training vouchers; Planning services
  • Maintain and monitor Enterprise Agreement assets
  • Support and administer training workshops that emanate from Enterprise Agreements
  • Collaborate with service providers to discuss operational issues, projects and high priority items
Services available from Security and Assurance

iGovTT's Security and Assurance team is trained in various areas of cyber security and can assist with the following services:

  • Information Security Risk Assessments
  • Information Security Policies/Procedures/Guidelines (develop, review, audit)
  • Information Security Reviews (includes reviews of controls, policies, network designs, solutions, projects etc.)
  • Information Security Awareness Training (customized to satisfy client's needs)
  • Computer Security Incident Management Advisory
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan Reviews
  • Other Technical Security expertise such as; assisting with interviews for recruitment of technical security staff etc.

Security Consulting

Information Security is mandatory to ensure that ICT risks, threats and vulnerabilities are appropriately addressed. iGovTT considers information security to be of paramount importance and has taken steps to ensure that robust and secure systems are maintained.

iGovTT's Security and Assurance Unit provides the public sector with information security advisory services to assist clients with; defining ICT security requirements, security improvements in existing environments and assurance activities all geared towards achieving the ultimate security goals of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information systems.

Security and Assurance services affords our clients the added benefits of:
  • Cost savings (competitive pricing) against other agents
  • Highly trained, qualified and dedicated staff
  • Confidence and high quality of service delivery of audit reports
  • High quality safe and secure systems

Contract Management Office

iGovTT's Contract Management Office (CMO), an arm of the Delivery Unit, administers, manages and drives the effective performance of ICT related contracts through the execution of a range of contract management policies and procedures. The CMO has successfully administered and managed contracts such as:

  • Microsoft Enterprise agreements
  • Endpoint Protection agreements
  • ttconnect Portal contracts
  • TTBizLink Infrastructure contracts
Some of the services offered by the CMO are:
  • Contract Development and Negotiation
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Performance Management
  • Contract Amendment Management
Engaging iGovTT to provide contract management services for your entity can result in major advantages such as:
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved business relationships
  • Competitive Advantage